Sunday, September 18, 2016

"Freelance Writing Freedom in 90 Days"

by Tony Thomas

I really enjoyed Steve Walters’ book on freelance writing.  It is well-written and covers a lot of ground.  Unlike a lot of other writing books, he also really gets into business and practical manners like monetization, promotion, budgeting, residual income. 

He also provides over 100 links of places that you can get paid to write.  The book was updated in 2015, so most of the links should be relevant.  I hope that he continues to refresh the book every year or two so that the content is current.   

The subtitle of this book is “Go from $0 to $2500 a month in just 90 days (or less!)”.  I think that is more hype than reality for most writers and is the only major caveat in my recommendation of this book.  

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