Saturday, June 25, 2016

"The Writing Productivity Boxed Set" Review

By Tony Thomas

This is actually a set of three books penned by author, Monica Leonelle.  The books included are:

“Write Better, Faster”
“The 8 Minute Writing Habit”
“Dictate Your Book”

“Write Better, Faster” actually started off as a blog post that detailed Monica’s experience in trying hit her writing goals by using the “Pomodoro method”, dictation and meticulously  tracking her progress.  It is an easy read and a book worth revisiting from time to time.  The book ends with a very long appendix which is essentially a diary of her progress.  

“The 8 Minute Writing Habit” covers the five “author blocks that are keeping you from your writing” and provides nine strategies for success.  The last part of the book is the “8 x 8 challenge” that encompasses trying different techniques for 8 days that only take 8 minutes per day.

“Dictating Your Book” is the weakest book of the set.  It is about learning how to dictate to improve your productivity.  I found it to be a bit dated since it primarily focuses on using “Dragon Naturally Speaking”.  These days, you can get great results from using dictation tools built into phones (Siri and Google) and online tools like SpeechNotes and

What I found refreshing about this set is that is written in a first-person, conversational tone.  She imparts a lot of wisdom that has been produced by her writing experiences.  I think it is a useful set for any writer.

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